All I Wanted Was to Be Rich and Famous

Funny for Nothing

What is the toughest question you’ve ever been asked?

For me, “Fries – large or medium?” and “Are you out of your mind?” are top contenders. But they aren’t the toughest questions I’ve ever been asked – not by a long shot.

No, the undoubted winner is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I like to call this question the ‘How It All Began’ question. I’ll explain.

Imagine this: You’re three years old and your parents have guests over. You’re busy playing with your ‘Barney-the-dinosaur’ soft toy. All of a sudden, there’s a lull in the conversation. Nobody knows what to say, so all eyes slowly turn towards you. You’re too young and innocent to know that you are the next victim. “Aww, what a sweet child,” one lady croons. She looks straight at you and asks, “So, what do you want to be when you…

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Ooh My Blahnik! London’s Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 Debut

now these are a work of art!

A Stairway to Fashion

MANOLO BLAHNIK made his London Fashion Week debut today with a film created by Michael Roberts. Why has it taken the legendary shoe designer so long to join the LFW schedule?

Firstly, I am terrified of crowds,” Blahnik said: “I owed it to the organisers, I had been invited to take part so many times but it never felt right. London Fashion Week has changed so much recently though; it is so professional now and I really think it is one of the most exciting in the world. Also, everything is becoming so transparent with all this technology, with the blogs and tweets, and I wanted to get more in touch with normal people.

The collection is inspired by the turn of the Twentieth Century.”I wanted it to have that feeling of elegance and sophistication that that period gave to the world,” he explained. “I

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