About me


Hello there! Thanks for visiting! My name is Linda Kassabian. I am an artist from Toronto, Canada. I now live in a small town called Sitges, in Barcelona, Spain.

I am new at blogging so any suggestions and or ideas are always welcomed. I’ve worked as a graphic designer for many years in Toronto, when the internet took over I had already started to lose interest in print graphics and wanted to learn more about the web, I took some HTML and Java courses and decided that I was not a coder, nor a programmer nor a developer of any kind. I needed a new career… I ended up in Spain working as an English teacher, and painting in my spare time.

It’s been five years and I am still teaching part time to children and painting every chance I get. So far this year I have had many art exhibitions in various bars, restaurants, and cafes in Barcelona and have learned tons!

It’s time again to learn and try new things. One of them is blogging and being out there, observing, absorbing and learning. I don’t know where to start,there are so many things that interest me, nature, architechture, people, books, gadgets, antiques, and the list goes on and on!

Living in Barcelona helps me to get inspired on a daily basis, there is never a dull moment!

My goal this year besides learning and trying new things is also collaborating. More ideas the merrier! More creative people =more creativity. Looking forward to it all!


5 responses to “About me

  1. Hello,

    My love for paintings got me searching and I came across your paintings online and also found your website. I am impressed by the wonderful paintings you currently have for sale. Am interested in buying paintings from you, can you get back to me with the price range of your paintings and also the shipping cost to Saudi Arabia. Hope you accept (Credit card) as a method of payment?

    Await your response soonest.

    Best Regards.

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