French beauty 1910’s

This painting was inspired from a photo I came across while looking for some reference. I absolutely love this era, especially the make-up and the hairstyles and of course the fashion, and I adore the illustrations of French artists.
While I intend to share my work and paint something that people will like and appreciate , in this case I painted this painting for me. Yes I was a little selfish but oh well! Hope you’ll like it anyway :)



Sea cap beauties finally finished

After going back and painting and perfecting and trying to make the water look like water I think I can safely say that I am done painting this piece. It was very challenging but one that I knew I would throughly enjoy and I kept going back and adding more but I needed to know when to stop, I find sometimes that I am enjoying painting so much that I find it hard to let go of it – to stop. This was also the case with the “Sea cap beauties” but I am satisfied with the results!


Básic Barcelona where art meets urban behaviour


I have recently had the pleasure of discovering another gem in Barcelona. An artsy funky t-shirt store called Basic Barcelona. The owner David creates his own stencils for his t-shirts and the results are ab fab. Very urban yet distinctive, there’s a simple elegance to his designs and his prices are incredibly reasonable for what its worth.

While Basic Barcelona concentrates mostly on t-shirts and urban wear, David is an active supporter of the arts, there are hand made objects and variety of different items. Many different artists (including myself) also sell some of their latest works there. I wanted to share with you my Basic Barcelona experience…




New commissioned work

I have been working on this painting for some time now. It would have been finished by now but I keep changing my mind and keep changing it because I am not satisfied, however I am learning a lot in the process, and that in itself is worth something to me. So I am not going to give up, and I am going to keep on painting! Image

Beatlemania in Spain!

These were some of the first paintings I painted when I first arrived in Spain. Culture shocked, in awe , trying to adjust to the Spanish way of life. Every Saturday I would paint outside in the backyard to avoid feeling over-whelmed. I was absolutely in heaven!

ringo©starsmll paul©mccartneysmljpg john©lennonsmll George©Harrison.smll