New painting in progress

I have been painting vintage style  pin up women on beaches, as of late,  and that is probably because I live in a beach town and I love the blues that I am surrounded by. The sky, the water, shutters, buildings and the list can go on forever :). So I have started another painting using acrylics, and I am trying to build my “Forever Summer” series for an upcoming June exhibition. I have been documenting the steps and the progress of my work, I have taken a picture on a daily basis since I have started because it helps me to see the painting in a different  perspective, which enables to correct some parts as I see fit. I am struggling with the eternal search for perfection and I am trying to learn to “relax” more with the brush. I am learning everyday, and that in itself is work in progress…

Day 1



 I try and get all my base colors in first, sometimes I actually prefer this very loose way of just applying where ever the colors appear,  kinda like color by numbers…

Day 2:

More dark tones to go! 

 I was also trying to get the greyto create some under tones for the clouds…

Day 3:

Still layering


and I keep layering…

Day 4:


I wanted to add some red as I find it helps with painting the hard shadows

Day 5:

 Today I tried to take down a bit of the dark shadows that seemed out of place…again its that constant need for perfection, which does not help matters sometimes! 


Sometimes we should just know when to stop painting! 



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